About Us

James Oliver Wilkerson III MBA

Marketing Director
E: jdub@alltraphouse.com

Brittney Foster

Social Media Director
E: b.love@alltraphouse.com

Shel Burton

Founder/Strategic Thinker/Innovator
E: Shel.B@alltraphouse.com

Bud Brownsville

Chief Learning Officer
E: bud@alltraphouse

Trap Music is defined as a sub-genre of Hip-Hop Music originating in Atlanta, GA. The “Trap” sound is especially distinctive because of the strategic use of hi-hats, sub-bass, 808s, and snares in the music. Many think the essence of “Trap” lies within the instrumentation, but Trap Music is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, and even being. More importantly, the spirit of Trap music lies in the lyrics which describe a culture and reality of drugs, turmoil, and ultimately survival. rapping is a mentality that doesn’t tolerate excuses but births hustle and motivation. While the origin of the term “Trap Music” proves to be controversial, here at All Trap House, we say it was created by T.I., Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and Sonny Spoon. 
Like many other genres of music created by African Americans; Trap Music has reached a level of crossover where outsiders attempt to create a revisionist history that we feel must be corrected. Formed in 2019; the social media platform All Trap House was created specifically for the Trap community as a one-stop-shop for all things Trap. The goal of All Trap House is to regain control of the narrative the culture of Trap created while educating underserved, unsigned, independent artists in the music industry. All Trap House is the only Black-owned social media platform dedicated to Trap Music and technology. 
We strive to enlighten the Trap community about technological innovations, music, and strategic business development within the genre. We allow artists and creatives to build a subscription-based network/community with viral marketing and zero dollars for their followers; while monetizing their content with a 90/10 split in favor of the artist. The creatives
of All Trap House are able to live stream, sell merchandise, and interact directly with fans. Our community effortlessly innovates in the music space while oftentimes lagging in the area of technology, so it is imperative that we educate and uplift the Trap community to make sure the culture we created remains our own. 
Life is a series of evolving moments and choices and ironically; so is the culture of Trap Music. If you want to say you understood the vision to intertwine Trap Music and technology early on, join us on the All Trap House app and social media platform to be ahead of the curve.